Monday, January 21, 2008

Shrooms (1/2)

Just before my mother's birthday party, I used these baby bellas to fill an empañada along with steamed asparagus, bree, and a red wine sauce. I learned a couple things from this culinary adventure: 1) let the expert (my wife) take care of making the dough, and 2) make the empañada as large as possible. Unfortunately the dough doubled in size and was more than a mouth full leaving the inside ingredients in the unnoticeable background.


  1. It seems as though something has interrupted your life.... =)!

  2. Yeah. His name is Max. I'll be posting pics of him pretty soon if he lets me. :)

  3. I find the simplicity of the limited pallet in "Shrooms 1" calming. I started viewing your work with "Cigarettes and Coffee beans," so I thought this might be a theme. (But too me, the mushrooms are more attractive that the butts :) I also appreciated the order in focus contrasting with the randomness piled in the fuzzy background.