Monday, January 21, 2008

Shrooms (1/2)

Just before my mother's birthday party, I used these baby bellas to fill an empañada along with steamed asparagus, bree, and a red wine sauce. I learned a couple things from this culinary adventure: 1) let the expert (my wife) take care of making the dough, and 2) make the empañada as large as possible. Unfortunately the dough doubled in size and was more than a mouth full leaving the inside ingredients in the unnoticeable background.

Shrooms (2/2)

No Parking on campus!!!!

Since I've graduated college, I figured I'd never go back to school. Strangely enough, last tuesday I was trolling around, registering for a class, and talking to a communications department adviser. Yep. I'm going to try to use some of the credits I have towards a communications degree with a concentration in video. Watch out J.J. Abrams!!! :)

I honestly have no clue where these courses will lead me. The decision came after talking to the many editors at my company (Avid), and hearing their horror stories + other amazing tales of editing experiences. It's strange but not surprising how every bad story seemed to result from some miscommunication between the editor and their customer. In the end, each editor loved what they did and could not end the day without editing a video project. I've tested the main editing software, called Media Composer, for 6 months, and I've can see why they enjoy editing so much.

I've only been to one class, but I've realized if someone gave me a book and asked that it be translated to video, I'd give them a goofy stare and wouldn't know where to begin. I hope to learn and get past the painful first steps of speaking through video and reach my coworkers level of artistry in editing.

Now I still love photography, and Fitchburg State is awesome for encouraging me to take other communications courses. After I rack up a decent amount of video classes, I'll be taking a stab at learning their take on photography.

After registering and signing up for a class, I kept having to check my car to make sure I dodged getting a parking ticket until I got my parking pass. The 'no parking' signs posted about the perimeter of the campus dimmed the energy I gathered from walking around the Fitchburg state youngsters buzzing about their classes.

Out of Iraq

One of the youngsters didn't like how America is still at war with Iraq.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Follow the johnsons to Oregon

Go here to follow Dave and Penny from Grafton, MA to Oregon.

I've really enjoyed working with them on the photo series, and I can't wait to see their blog develop as they live out their lives farming their west-coast mountain side.

Prayers (9/9)

This is sitting outside The Johnson's door.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ojos (8/9)

We were waiting for our quesedillas, fries, and burrito at Tortilla Sams and I took a couple shots while we sat by the window.

This photo stood out and made me think of perceived reality, dreams, and dream recorders.

Penny's last dream:

I was applying for a job at building 19 and as part of the interview i had to eat an entire tub of sour cream. i woke up soooo nauseas.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Drink in hand (7/9)

Walking into Dave's living room any given day, you'd expect to see him playing guitar or listening to music. This visit, however, I saw he had 10-20 empty bottles and 5 large jugs filled with beer. He made the home-brew beer himself and showed me the hops + spices and the large containers he used in the process.

I sat down as he handed me a strange tool used to place the caps on the beer bottles. After securing the caps to the bottles, I walked away with my own 6-pack from his personal collection. I remember drinking the first 5 beers over a few days and saving the last bottle for months and months so I could always have some home-brew in the fridge.

Dave's favorite beer is Fraoch Heather Ale or Ipswich IPA.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

1/2 of the Root Project (6/9)

Penny and Dave have worked at their Grafton, Ma farm providing food for those in need through the Root Project. Now they are going to provide food for certain residents in Oregon.

I've been to their farm once or twice and walked away with a paper bag filled with mint & a nice juicy pear. They really love what they do and do it well + it's great to see those in need have gotten crops from the Johnsons.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Guitar (5/9)

We went back to Dave and Penny's place after the library. Dave picks up the guitar and starts playing a new song he's written thanks to the influence of Aaron Sprinkle. The strumming and odd tuning sound like something you'd hear around a bonfire just before downing a gooey smore.

Check out Dave's myspace to hear some of Dave's songs based on guitar. He has also written done and performed some ambient work at my 2 exhibits. Nothing will compare to hearing him spontaneously turn air into a colorful mood.

The last guitarist Dave heard on vinyl is Steve Howe.

Search for the sewing book (4/9)

We walked into the basement and I looked around for a good place to take a photo. We were in the Grafton Library basement and the section of books we were surrounded by were all for sale. Dave and Penny had just given me 6 or 7 books from their collection so I didn't want any, but Penny was fixated on one book. It was about sewing. She plans on making her own clothes and quilts when she moves to Oregon.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Java Hut

I've heard from Dave Johnson that the Java Hut is gone. It was a great place to get hand pumped espresso and meet the most creative people in the area. I've seen several shows + there was just show much art flowing off their stage and sticking to the walls that it's sad to see it go. I'll be checking my archives for photo's I've taken of the Hut and sticking them here soon.

I've posted the Java Hut flyers I could find here.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Behind the bookshelf (3/9)

We walked into the Grafton Library through an entrance I hadn't used before. It was a lot closer to the second floor -- the floor with old used books for sale. Penny, Dave and I walked through two aisles then started searching independently. As Dave pulled out a book I looked through the gap left behind and told him to hold his pose.

Later on I asked him what he's been reading.

Dave said, "
I'm currently reading the foxfire book #1, one straw revolution, and ecclesiastes.

My favorite books are the silmarillion, till we have faces, out of the silent planet, perelandra, and that hideous strength.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Empty home (2/9)

Dave pointed this place out while we were on our way to the Grafton Library. It either burned down or was abandoned. Fortunately, the cop on that road passed us after we left the shoot.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Johnsons are leaving town (1/9)

I had the honor of spending time with the Johnsons last Saturday. They are my artsy buddies from the central mass area. Dave is on the left, Penny's in the back and I'm on the right. Without them, I wouldn't have known about these musicians:

- Glen Hansard + Marketa Irglova's and their movie ONCE.
- Elliot Smith.
- Paul McCartney's solo work.
- Sigur Ros.
- Camera Obscura.
- Joe Renzoni.
- Bright Eyes.

There are several other bands+musicians+poets+amazing people (i.e. Chris Altman, Tim Scott, Eric & Hilary L'Esperance, Chrissy, Brian, Raven) they've connected me to and they'll all have special places in my life thanks to Dave and Penny.

The campfires, the sage, the open mikes, the music shows, the galleries, the home brew, the parties, the weird videos, the cookouts, the camping, and all the other good times were all because of you. These next few posts are from one of the last few times I'll be with them while they are in the area. : (

These two are really into listening and making music. Along the right side of this page you'll see 3 of Dave's songs. Buy 'em if you like 'em!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Review on Chromasia

If you think there are too many web photographers to appreciate photography on the web or that a computer screen can't present an photograph in a just way...well you are right. It would take an amazing amount of resources (creativity, selectivity, and time) to move someone with a photo over the web. Enter Chromasia. From across the Atlantic Ocean, David and Libby Nightingale (Blackpool, England residents) have made a website that has recaptured the ocean.

David's ocean spits up old analog TV's and harnesses the simple beauty of TV viewers as far from the their living rooms as possible.

'His' wine cellars makes one grab a wine glass and pray wine spills from the screen.

He's been commissioned, held galleries, and shot everything from street photography to weddings. His work is for sale, but nothing restrains the amount of freedom and vivid life felt when gazing upon image after image from the window of of his lens.

There are several ways to appreciate Chromasia without having the pleasure of having his print in your hand. I keep up with his site using an RSS feed, but I've recently enjoyed the visual shopping spree of seeing miniaturized version of the splendid portraits on his site.

Bounty of birth...

"Take the bounty of thy birth, taste the lordship of the earth from Monadnock." Emerson


Some buildings in Brattleboro, VT are still heated by coal furnaces.


Face of a jagged snowy boulder on I 91.

If you want blood...

Just came back from a lovely 0 degree Vermont vacation.

Dave Johnson and I were talking and we think the Red Cross is a big hoax. They're always asking for blood and are always in short supply. Are they really Vampires???