Monday, January 14, 2008

Drink in hand (7/9)

Walking into Dave's living room any given day, you'd expect to see him playing guitar or listening to music. This visit, however, I saw he had 10-20 empty bottles and 5 large jugs filled with beer. He made the home-brew beer himself and showed me the hops + spices and the large containers he used in the process.

I sat down as he handed me a strange tool used to place the caps on the beer bottles. After securing the caps to the bottles, I walked away with my own 6-pack from his personal collection. I remember drinking the first 5 beers over a few days and saving the last bottle for months and months so I could always have some home-brew in the fridge.

Dave's favorite beer is Fraoch Heather Ale or Ipswich IPA.

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