Saturday, December 27, 2008

People in the snow

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Solar power

The power loss during the ice storm forced me to use my solar charger.

Quaint church in Holden, MA

I love the alternating colored stones.

Video card busted

The power outage from the ice storm busted my video drive and my computer required no less than 10 reboots to get back to normal.


Soccer Field in Holden, MA

I dropped Alyssa and Max off at Sarah Mcrell's house for a cookie party. I had a couple of hours to kill, so I drove around Holden a bit. I was listening to Elliot Smith's Tomorrow Tomorrow off of XO at the time.

Cooling Hand

I worked a bit over thanksgiving weekend and got stressed out. The worst of the 3 burns required my hand to be in water that was below 60 degrees. I used two thermometers to remind me when to add ice. This was a wonderful time to catch up on reading the New Yorker.

New blog called Table Tongue

It all started with rectangular plates that Alyssa and I purchased from Crate & Barrel. These bland innocent plates begged to have food thrown on them in ways that would force me to challenge my food presentation.

Each meal shown on my new blog table tongue only survived a few seconds before Alyssa could perform her ritual of consuming + critiquing new entrees from our kitchen.