Friday, January 4, 2008

Review on Chromasia

If you think there are too many web photographers to appreciate photography on the web or that a computer screen can't present an photograph in a just way...well you are right. It would take an amazing amount of resources (creativity, selectivity, and time) to move someone with a photo over the web. Enter Chromasia. From across the Atlantic Ocean, David and Libby Nightingale (Blackpool, England residents) have made a website that has recaptured the ocean.

David's ocean spits up old analog TV's and harnesses the simple beauty of TV viewers as far from the their living rooms as possible.

'His' wine cellars makes one grab a wine glass and pray wine spills from the screen.

He's been commissioned, held galleries, and shot everything from street photography to weddings. His work is for sale, but nothing restrains the amount of freedom and vivid life felt when gazing upon image after image from the window of of his lens.

There are several ways to appreciate Chromasia without having the pleasure of having his print in your hand. I keep up with his site using an RSS feed, but I've recently enjoyed the visual shopping spree of seeing miniaturized version of the splendid portraits on his site.

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