Monday, January 7, 2008

The Johnsons are leaving town (1/9)

I had the honor of spending time with the Johnsons last Saturday. They are my artsy buddies from the central mass area. Dave is on the left, Penny's in the back and I'm on the right. Without them, I wouldn't have known about these musicians:

- Glen Hansard + Marketa Irglova's and their movie ONCE.
- Elliot Smith.
- Paul McCartney's solo work.
- Sigur Ros.
- Camera Obscura.
- Joe Renzoni.
- Bright Eyes.

There are several other bands+musicians+poets+amazing people (i.e. Chris Altman, Tim Scott, Eric & Hilary L'Esperance, Chrissy, Brian, Raven) they've connected me to and they'll all have special places in my life thanks to Dave and Penny.

The campfires, the sage, the open mikes, the music shows, the galleries, the home brew, the parties, the weird videos, the cookouts, the camping, and all the other good times were all because of you. These next few posts are from one of the last few times I'll be with them while they are in the area. : (

These two are really into listening and making music. Along the right side of this page you'll see 3 of Dave's songs. Buy 'em if you like 'em!

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  1. oh won't be the same without you around =(
    saturday was lovely. i'm really happy we got to spend that time together.