Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Live Music

Being a new parent and home owner I end up missing (and don't have the time for) a lot of music shows. Domestication has it's benefits, but it comes with a price.

Fortunately, I made this show. The last night Dave Johnson played at the Java Hut he deviated from playing with his band to using his electric guitar to lay warm ambient layers of sound mesmerizing everyone in the audience. People listening were hooked enough that when he would stop a "song" the room just didn't feel right. In a matter of minutes, Dave had brought back a feeling, that had been previously pioneered by the Tangerine Dream during the 1970's, and gave it to those consumed in conversation and listening.

The Java Hut had a knack for musically mining the town of Worcester and hauling gems onto its stage on a consist basis. This night Dave played for my first exhibit at the Hut called 3. Dave and his wife are the elements in the group called Against The Green.

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