Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Light inside the boat at Vernon Street Hotel

Dave Johnson invited me to an open mic in Vernon Street hotel a few months ago. I showed up after a company party and ordered a really really bad beer. I thought ordering Sam Adams on tap was fool proof. Well I was the fool after Dave told me they don't regularly clean the tap lines. They exchanged my rotten beer for a bottled Killians and proceeded to walk into a ship.

It wasn't a spaceship (although I kinda wish it was), but a wooden ship forged to the side of the hotel. The person who hosted the open mic called himself Angry Dick, but I'll refer to him as Rich. Mr. Rich told me the ship was one of the first places in Worcester used to book meetings, shows, and other events.

In the ship, each booth had the light seen in the picture and the booths are separated by curved slabs of wood. The entire area smelled like old beer and wood.

Unlike the open mike's I was used to at the Java Hut (20-30 people itching to get on stage), this open mike had 4 people play total. Rich, some other dude, dave, and penny. These performances were tossed into youtube somewhere, but I couldn't find them.

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