Saturday, March 22, 2008

Battery In The Wild

On a recent walk I was surprised with the quantities and kinds of trash I found along the way. Given the way rain and water tables work some of the articles I saw could end up releasing chemicals into drinking water. Chemicals like freon and mercury. The photos taken on this walk will be tagged with 'You Will Know Us By Our Waste'.

I had been thinking of this title since I'm in charge of trash duty in my house. Inevitably, the cartons serving as a temporary home to our purchases reveal what is going on in our lives i.e. diaper boxes & mini DV plastic wrapping mean there's a baby in the house.

Similarly, trash on the streets, yards, and woods of a town not only reveal what is consumed, but reflects a strange attitude that presumes the garbage owner has the right to leave trash the land they don't own.

This story is not one I want to do (I like abstract and nice looking photo's), but until I've seen a resolution (I've emailed the local authorities) to the pollution (that one was free Jesse Jackson) I think I'll have to continue with it. Of course the photos you see aren't a reflection of reality. For starters, there were a lot more budweiser cans than I cared to photograph. And there's no way to replicate the dissapointment of seeing a pleasurable walk and a warm spring day go down in quiet flames.

The name of the town will be omitted for now.

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