Sunday, February 17, 2008

Max (2/?)

I remember one summer where I was finished work at my church in Salem, NH and a couple of the nursery workers had left a couple garbage bags filled with diapers. I enjoyed people thinking of me as a gentlemen so I jumped at the chance to bring the garbage bags to the dumpster. The dumpster was over a hundred feet away and these heavy bags in the warm summer air began smelling less like the plastic on garbage bags and more like rot. When I use the word rot I truly mean radioactive limb generating rot. I started pacing faster towards the dumpster and the momentum was swinging the bags closer to me than I wanted. Holding my arms out kept the bags at a safe distance, but the smell continued to exponentially get worse and I was only halfway to the dumpster. My pacing gradually progressed to speed walking and eventually became an all out sprint for the survival of my nose. I came within 5 feet of the dumpster and swung both bags into the metal dumpster with the toss of an Olympian.

But when I took this picture the predominant smell was diaper genie plastic with a hint of the chemical scent UNUSED pampers have.

My sister said this picture made Max look mature. It may be it's the expression on his face. I do know that he enjoys having his arms free to clench his fists or dangle them as you see here while he's rested in his mothers arms.


  1. he does look bigger here! Thanks for the picture... so cute! How are momma and dadda doing?

  2. Momma is very very tired. Dadda is just a bit exhausted.