Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cigarettes and Coffee Beans

I looked around at a plaza in Billerica, MA and all I saw was chains. Market Basket, Starbucks, CVS, Dunkin Donuts, Papa Ginos, and on and on. As I was setting up for this picture, an inquisitive man started chatting with me and asked what I up to. I told him my intentions, and he said, "That sounds like something I would do!"

The man had long hair fine enough to float anytime he turned or caught the brunt of a cold breeze. He had just returned from visiting his girlfriend in Florida, and said the gulf side of Florida looked similar to a lot of plazas in the Mass 'burbs: overwheled with unoriginal chain businesses. In Western Florida there were more Walmart's in one town than in the North East and they had different names for their supermarkets.

I told him I stopped by Starbucks because they were the best option for decent Americano between work and home. On my way out, I saw coffee beans above the trash where I expected ashes with a couple cigarettes pressed into the beans in a couple different ways: one forceful, and the other quickly jabbed in. Both cigarettes didn't have lipstick on the ends so I would assume these were placed by two men. Given that it was an ash tray, I was expecting to see more cigarettes.

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