Thursday, July 26, 2012


After putting up 20 or so older (more seasoned) and newer photographs, I decided to change things up a bit. I got some lights, set up an ad hoc light table and took the more colorful bits of nature out of context.

I found that leaving this in nature before the picture was nice, but I hadn't really been working my composition muscles. Having a flower in front of me, without the support of it's native stem, sunlight, or in the chorus of growing things forced me to see what this little object was made of. I turned the subject. Took pics from above and below. I eventually found that there were specific striking angles, that really caught my eye. Even dropping the photograph's colors helped focus in on that unique geometry.

I posted several images on etsy, and they were able to cluster together other hand crafted items that paired well.

See this Summer Collection

I was so gitty! Anything and everything in my house ended up in front of my camera. Old books, oregano sticks left over from my garden. It seemed so much was interesting when I focused on the little things that made the subject stand out.

Check out this "In The Afternoon" Collection.

An etsy collection or treasury is just a 4x4 grid where an etsy user curates all of etsy products and picks the best ones that fit well together. To see these treasuries and see the new context in which my photography could be placed brings me an immense amount of satisfaction.

Here's another etsian's image that fits my mood after this exercise.